The CASA product line by includes tables, benches, a chair, and a television stand.  Our CASA product line is a unique patent-pending design with aluminium frames and wooden leg construction for natural wooden look and is well suited for indoor or balcony usage.  The CASA product line is our own unique design and incorporates aluminum cross-frames specially attached to rectangular wooden leg posts.  The CASA line is designed to be stabile, durabile, and strong, and can provide decades and decades of lifetime and performance.  The CASA product line will maintain its original appearance over decades with minimal care.


The tall or square douglas fir slats in the CASA product line are crafted with an all natural tung oil finish, using pure food-grade limonene (citrus peel oil) as a solvent.  Our tung oil finish looks stunning while providing unmatched environmental protection to the wood surface.  Our tung oil finish can be periodically refreshed, such as annually or biannually, to maintain its luxurious finish that is smooth and agreeable to the touch.


CASA table and bench slabs are made with douglas fir slats that are exactly spaced apart for a perfect, sleek appearance that plays with light and air.  Our CASA table and bench slabs look clean and pure, while our underside fasteners, as elegant as they are, remain obscured from view.  All CASA items use stainless steel fasteners that are not load-bearing, for maximum safety.  Our longer CASA table and bench slabs will have an internal treaded metal rod with elegant end caps that greatly enhance strength and stiffness, for an unmatched look and feel that says comfort, luxury, and safety.


We offer CASA tables in various widths and heights, and all our CASA benches and tables are available in lengths up to 8 feet (96 inches).  No size customization is available for our VILLA chair or for the VILLA TV stand.