At, we design and build stylish, durable furniture that fits in with your life.  Every piece of furniture produced by features best in class design and safety features, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor, or indoor space in comfort.


Each piece is handcrafted and designed utilizing all natural materials and finishes, allowing our furniture sets to be durable and hold strong through all weather conditions.  Tables and benches by have an open span and are designed with a timeless look and solid construction for decades and decades of enjoyment.


Our VILLA product line features a steel frame construction and designed to accent your outdoor living space, while becoming a focal point to gather with friends and family.  Our VILLA product line offers you a welded galvanized steel frame with unmatched strength and stability and can be used outdoors or indoors.  Our CASA product line blends modern-style with world class aluminum framing and durability, and will enhance your living space with comfort and quality.  Whether dining with family, or becoming a secondary office space, our CASA product line will make your home shine with timeless design.


Some furniture degrades rapidly with frequent use, but not VILLA and CASA products from  VILLA and CASA furniture is robust and manufactured to serve the needs of your family, children and pets, without compromises.  Because we use fine red and white douglas fir in our wood slats and finish them with multiple coats of pure tung oil and limonene, each piece is manufactured to last for years in any indoor or outdoor environment.  Durability, comfort and contemporary design.  These are the central tenets we hold when constructing our furniture and we are confident they will become the center of your living space.


Our tables and benches are built-to-order and can be customized in height and length, yet another way our furniture is ... well....perfect!


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